Wedding Sheet Music for Organ

Organ Selections for the Wedding Service

Simple piano pieces by Italian composers from the late-19th and early-20th century.

Download titles individually:

Title Download Composer
At the Altar organ score Anton Arensky
Benediction Nuptiale organ score Clement Loret
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin organ score Richard Wagner
Bride's March, The organ score F. de la Tombelle
Bride's Song, The organ score Anton Strelezki
Dreams (Träume) organ score Richard Wagner
Entree Nuptiale organ score Henry Smith
Gavot organ score Ch. Neustedt
March from Tannhauser organ score Richard Wagner
Marche Nuptiale organ score Clement Loret
O Perfect Love organ score Joseph Barnby
Orange Blossoms organ score Georges MacMaster
Song of Gladness, A organ score Churchill Sibley
Wedding Day, The organ score Matthias von Holst
Wedding March organ score Felix Mendelssohn
Wedding Morn organ score Jacques Lemmens

Publication Information: compiled and edited by Dr. William C. Carl | The Boston Music Co., 1916